This is a tech-journalism blog—updated intermittently—by Jake Ling, am Australian tech consultant, network engineer, and journalist focusing on human rights and the environment. Most of the writing here is focused on how techn is transforming rural and indigenous communities across Latin America on the frontlines of the planet’s battle against climate change.

Many of the communities I have had the honor to work with or work from within have been marginalized for decades by their governments, mining multinationals and irresponsible agribusiness, or face other existential threats as diverse as illegal deforestation, armed paramilitary groups, to melting glaciers, diminishing river flows and failing crops. Thanks to technology, however, many of these remote communities that were once subject to the tyranny of distance are able to amplify their voice over the digital arena and broadcast their struggle to the world. Thanks to technology we can also watch the world’s greatest remaining forests get cleared hectare by painstaking hectare via projects such as the Global Forest Watch.

Current Projects: Maya News Pedro Canche News

I am providing the tech and design for Pedro Canche News, a publication of a leading indigenous voice of the Mayan Peoples, referred to hear in The Guardian as a “cause celebre for Mexico’s struggle to protect its free press.”

Ecuador Eco Volunteer was a volunteer work organization I co-founded with an Ecuadorian buddy back in 2007 when I was 23 years old. Almost ten years on, the org has changed dramatically from a kind of hybrid social enterprise to a web directory that connects volunteers in Ecuador with NGO’s, conservation programs, and indigenous communities on the ground. It was via this project that I have been afforded the honor of being able to work closely with various indigenous communities, from the Kichwa in the highlands to Waorani and Shuar in the Ecuadorian Amazon and later led to John Schertow of Intercontinental Cry, a publication for the Center of World Indigenous Studies, to write about the upheaval going on inside indigenous communities caused by an aggressive and scorched earth state and multinational mining and petroleum companies.

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